Hiisi Purple 20102

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100% Finnish wool, 105g    
Color raspberry reddish purple, dyed with cochineal    
Skein size 105g, 100grams = apprx 160m (175 yards)    
WPI 12    
Gauge 20sts / 10cm (4 inches)    
Needle recommendation 3-3,5mm European or according to gauge  
Handwash 30°C
Hiisi is made of long combed wool fibers so it feels smooth to hand. It is 5-ply and has a very tight twist, so it even though it is 100% wool it is durable also in socks (unlike other Riihivilla's 100% wool). Hiisi is also perfect for sweaters, hats or mittens with only one color. Cables show up great when knitted with Hiisi. Even thought is under sockyarns,  it is great all-purpose yarn for any project which needs thick yarn. One skein is enough for small short women's socks but for bigger socks or for men's socks you would need two skeins.
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