Cortinarius semisanguineus, caps 70g
Cortinarius semisanguineus, caps 70g

Cortinarius semisanguineus, caps 70g

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Dried caps of Finnish mushroom Cortinarius semisanguineus, 70g.

 This amount is enough to dye 100grams of wool darker browinsh red, and another 100-200grams to lighter orange. The red pigments attach first to the yarn and the orange/yellow pigments are left in the second and third bath. If you dye the 70grams of wool (instead of 100grams) in the first bath, you get even darker color.

Premordant yarn with alum (and cream of tartar).

Put mordanted and wet yarn to the bath together with the mushrooms, then heat slowly to 70-80°C and simmer for one hour. Remove yarn from the bath and rinse. Remove pieces of mushrooms from the yarn before rinsing and put them back to the bath.

You can also soak mushrooms overnight, simmer them gently for 30-60 minutes, strain and dye.

Or another method is pouring boiling water over dry mushrooms, let them soak for 5 minutes, strain. Repeat second time. From third extraction the color is paler. Combine the extractions and dye pre mordanted wool.

These mushrooms are also good for contact dyeing in microwave oven, and dye also silk.

For silk use the same weight of fiber to the mushrooms.

For cellulose fibers these mushrooms give paler color.

Dye with these mushrooms in well ventilated area, do not give them to children. They are not poisonous, but they are harmful if eaten.

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