After you have added items to the shopping cart you can go to Checkout. If you want to remove or change items in your Shopping Cart and you already are in in Checkout, click the button CONTINUE SHOPPING, then when you are back in the shop click SHOPPING CART button, and don't go to checkout, then you can remove items in you shopping cart by clicking the trash bin. Your shopping cart saves the items to you for about half an hour after you have added them to the shopping cart. So, if you go away for a while when making purchases, and then return to the shop, please check your shopping cart and you can continue buying. Many times my yarns are only limited number, and the shop may show that they are not available, if they are still in your shopping cart waiting for you.


In my shop you can see all the yarns and kits I have available. After collecting all the items you want to your shopping cart, click Checkout and first add your shipping information, then next you can choose shipping and see the shipping price, and the method of payment.

If you live outside Finland, you can pay with credit card in Paypal secure site. Choose PAYPAL as your payment method and my shop will direct you to Paypal to pay. After paying remember to return to the shop from Paypal, so that your order becomes complete, and you will receive order confirmation.

If you live in Europe and your currency is Euro, and are uncomfortable with paying through Paypal, you can email me and I will send you our bank information and you can pay directly to our bank account.

After completing the payment through Paypal  you will receive an order confirmation to your email. If you don't receive it, please contact me to make sure your order has arrived.

If for any reason you have difficulties to proceed to checkout and Paypal, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will send you an invoice manually through Paypal. 

I will ship your order to you after I have received your payment.

Paypal calculates and changes the currency for you.

If you live outside EU, the prices you see in the shop are without VAT.


You can see the shipping prices in your order  when you proceed to the last stage of checkout, but here are the prices.

Shipping to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Parcels with product weight under 3 kg cost 10,70€ and over it 15€

Shipping to Sweden

Parcels with product weight under 3kg cost 15€ and over it 20€

Shipping to Belgium,  Denmark,  Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands (includes tracking)

Parcels with product weight under 1,6kg cost 16,50€

Parcels with product weight 1,6kg to 4kg cost 20€

Shipping to Middle Europe (includes tracking)

Parcels with product weight under 400g cost 20,50€

Parcels with product weight 0,4kg to 4kg cost 25 - 30€

Shipping to United Kingdom (with UPS) For now this is the only way to ship to the UK

Parcels with product weight under 700g cost 29,50€

Parcels with product weight under 1,3kg cost 34.50€

Parcels with product weight under 1,7kg cost 46€

Priority Mail to outside EU (includes tracking)

Parcels with product weight under 0,8kg cost 29,50€ 

Parcels with product weight 0,8kg  to 2 kg cost 37€ 

Parcels with product weight 2kg - 3kg cost 44,50€

Parcels with product weight 3kg to 4 kg cost 39€ 

The prices to EU include VAT 24%, and prices to other countries are without VAT.

I send orders to Europe in Priority Mail or with GLS and with tracking. It takes usually about one week to ten days.

Orders to outside Europe will also be in Priority mail. Shipping to the UK is from January 2021 on only with UPS which is more expensive than mail or GLS, which don't ship there right now. It may be that later  also shipping with mail or GLS is possible, but right now there are so big backlog in borders than UPS is the only possibility.

We ship orders about three times a week, so your products leave usually within 2-3 days. I will send you an email when your order has been shipped. 

I try to answer to emails as soon as possible, but if you haven't gotten an answer in two days, please send another on. My shop sends automatical confirmation of your order, if you have not received it, please check also your trash mail.

We try our best so that the colors look real in our calibrated monitor, but please remember that each monitor might show colors differently. When you look at our site in your monitor, the background should be neutral light grey. If you see some other shade, then also the same shade colors the pictures of the yarns.


If you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it within 14 days of it's arrival, and we will refund your money minus shipping. The products must be returned in original condition and unused. Please email me, before returning the products. I'm happy to answer if you have any other questions about our yarns or kits.

Please check the order right after it's arrival. If it has been damaged during shipping, in spite of our careful packaging, please be in contact with your post office where you may claim for the damage. You can also contact us if the item is damaged so much that you want another.


If you have any questions, please contact me with email: riihivilla (@)

Tmi Riihivilla

VAT number FI1348382 2

Leena and Jouni Riihelä

Koskentie 774

25560 Koski as